Mardi Gras Weekend

Welcome to Prospect Mountain Mardi Gras weekend! Make a mask, wear beads, and come enjoy a fun karaoke night!

Wet & Wild Weekend

Get ready for a big splash of fun diving into the wild weekend. We will have many fun water games like water balloon toss, water gun fights, and activities at

Gameshow Weekend

Welcome to the annual family gameshow weekend! Get ready to put on your thinking caps as we test your knowledge in different categories with brain teasers and trivia.

Space Weekend

Join us in an alien obstacle course and find your way out of space. We need your help to protect the space eggs from "Alien X."

The Great Outdoors Weekend

Smell the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors at our campground! Join in our fishing contest and see who can catch the biggest fish. Expand your creativity and paint

School Days Weekend

Get ready to be challenged in many school-aged educational events! Join in the marshmallow tower contest and see who can build the biggest tower.  We'll also be placing items in

Labor Day Carnival Weekend

Join us at the carnival! Enjoy some carnival games, and win some prizes.  Get ready to see someone getting dunked in the dunk tank!

Football Weekend

Football season is here! Wear your favorite team jersey, make football crafts, and enjoy some football games!

Wild Wild West Weekend

Dress in your country western attire for a hoe-down dance! Enjoy western-themed games and crafts!

September Blast Weekend

Enjoy fall-themed games in the day and a karaoke event at night and celebrate all-things fall! Do you like candy corn? Join us in a fun candy corn relay race

Slumber Party

Wear your favorite pj's and join us for a movie, snacks, and popcorn. Join in the fun of a silly string battle.  Do you think you know song artists? Put

Columbus Day Weekend

Celebrate a great camping season with some apple cider and delicious apple donuts!  Enjoy sinking Captain Q's boat as we escape from the sharks of doom.  Bring your creativity and